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Celsius API Overview

What is the Celsius API?

The Celsius API offers partners the ability to use features offered by Celsius Network or delegate access to Celsius’ features.

To get started with the Celsius API, please review our partnership types offered below and choose the option that best suits your needs.

Partnership types

Depending upon your specific integration needs, there are multiple different ways in which your project can utilize the Celsius Network API. When consulting technical docs please make sure that you are looking at the partnership type that is relevant to you.

Actions Omnibus Integration Partner Segmented Integration Partner Omnibus Treasury
Deposit & withdraw funds
Earn interest
Transparently create Celsius wallets for your users
Run KYC checks on your users
Use Celsius on behalf of existing Celsius users
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Withdrawal schemes

Depending on the partner needs, there are different methods for limiting which addresses funds can be withdrawn to.

Withdrawal Scheme Description
No address Funds cannot be withdrawn to any address
List of pre-approved addresses Funds can be withdrawn only to a list of pre-approved addresses
Any address Funds can be withdrawn to any address

Becoming a partner

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